Learning Analytics Collaborative Grant

The Learning Analytics Collaborative Grant

The Center for Learning Analytics and Student Success (CLASS) is pleased to announce The Learning Analytics Collaborative Grant. The purpose of the Collaborative grant is to foster and support a multi-disciplinary community of three or more faculty who will make use of analytics in their collective scholarly research about students, their behaviors as learners, and the decisions they make on the pathway toward graduation. This grant encourages partnerships between past Student Learning Analytics Fellows and faculty new to the use of learning analytics as a method for understanding teaching, learning and student success. The Collaborative will both strengthen and broaden IUB's learning analytics community, encouraging a data-driven culture that addresses student success at the course, program and institutional levels.

Award Amount: $10,000
Number of Grants: Up to two grants will be awarded
Duration: One-year
Due Date: January 8, 2022
Eligibility: All full-time instructors are eligible to apply for the grant and the collaborative should be comprised of three or more investigators from differing disciplines. However, at least one faculty member must be a past SLA Fellow who has also submitted a completion report for their SLA project. The project team can be made up of more than one past SLA Fellow. Preference will be given to cross-disciplinary projects that include faculty new to the field of SLA and student success.


A final completion report must be submitted to CLASS at the end of the grant funding period. Additionally, grant recipients will be expected to participate in one or more student success-related activities at IUB, such as:

  • Leading interest groups in topics related to the research project
  • Facilitating seminars that mentor or support new researchers in the use of SLA
  • Presenting the work as part of the CLASS event series

Deadline and submission process

Proposals along with a supporting letter should be submitted to classiub@indiana.edu no later thanJanuary 8, 2022.

Proposals are limited to three pages, and should describe in adequate detail including the main research question(s), the anticipated type of data to be analyzed, the research methodology, as well as any special support required to complete the project. In addition, a letter of support from the departmental chair should articulate how the proposed project helps both the faculty fellow and the department further student success and learning at IUB.

Please include the following materials in your proposal, and in this order:

  1. Cover sheet with the following information
    1. Title of project
    2. Names and departments/schools
    3. Email address for contact purposes
  2. Abstract - A summary of your project in 300 words or less.
  3. Project Description - In no more than three, single-spaced pages, please describe your research project. Please include:
    1. Purpose of the investigation along with specific research objectives and the type of data that will be analyzed
    2. Student populations this research is intended to address
    3. How past SLA research results are connected to this work
    4. Significance and impact the study may have upon undergraduate learning
    5. Anticipated outcomes from the work and how they will contribute to student success at Indiana University, whether that be within a course, a curriculum, a program, or institutionally
    6. Research methodology
    7. Means by which you will measures the impact of your project
  4. Short CV - maximum of 4 pages – for each faculty member
  5. Nominating letter - from the dean, department chair, or unit head for each faculty member

Information and assistance

For questions concerning the Learning Analytics Fellows Program or support in conducting scholarly research on student learning, please contact George Rehrey, Director, Center for Learning Analytics and Student Success.

For specific questions concerning availability of analytical data please contact Linda Shepard at the Office of Bloomington Assessment and Research.
(812) 855-6236.