2017 Projects

2017 Learning Analytics Fellows Projects

Measuring the Impact of Information Literacy Instruction on Assignment-Level Learning Outcomes

Andrew Asher (Library Academic Services)

Evaluating the impact of library-provided information literacy instruction on students' learning outcomes through an understanding of the types of information literacy instruction that are most effective, the times during a student's course of study that instruction is most impactful, and the types of students that most benefit from instructional interventions.


Evaluating and Optimizing Homework and Quizzes to Increase Learning Outcomes in the Information Visualization MOOC

Katy Börner (Intelligent Systems Engineering)

As part of efforts to update course materials, instructors need to evaluate the impact of assessment quizzes and hands-on homework activities on student engagement and performance to improve instructional materials an learning outcomes. This will be the focus of a graduate level course entitled Information Visualization MOOC (IVMOOC).


Using Analytics to Evaluate Influences on Student Learning Outcomes in a GenEdScience Course (G131, Oceans & Our Global Environment)

Simon Brassell (Geological Sciences)

Utilizing analytics on student demographics and grade records in combination with data on their performance in the G131 to assess how performance in the class and its range of assignments may be related to specific student characteristics which will be used to identify modifications to improve the learning outcomes of students.

Proposal and Completion Report

Evaluating the Impact of the Intensive English Program on Student Success at IU

Leslie Gabriele (Second Language Studies)

This study will evaluate the impact of the Intensive English Program (IEP), an academic English language preparation program for pre-matriculated international students, on students future academic success using external measures such as University/College admission rates and student progress through their programs of study at Indiana University GPAs, retention rates, and graduation rates.


Evaluating the Teaching Effectiveness of Principles of Microeconomics Instruction at the IU Bloomington Campus Relative to Other Institutions

Paul Graf, Gerhard Glomm (Economics)

As community colleges and Research 1 Universities like IU employ different pedagogies, e.g. different class sizes and different teaching personnel, teaching effectiveness may well vary across these two institutions. This project will focus on the teaching effectiveness in Microeconomics courses.

Proposal and Completion Report

The Factors of Differential Grading Standards across Academic Units

Michael Kaganovich (Economics)

As the second phase of the project Determinants of Students' Choices of Undergraduate Majors and Programs' Strategies, the long-term agenda of this research is to identify factors contributing to IU undergraduate students' choices of their major concentrations, and especially to infer the actions and policies of major programs in effecting those student decisions.

Proposal and Completion Report

The Factors to and Impact of K303 Success

Jie Li (Business)

A further study on the factors that might have certain predicting power of student performance in K303 and the impact of the course on students' later academic performance, major selection and career development outcomes.

Proposal and Completion Report

Learning Analytics for Students Majoring in Healthcare Management and Policy

Terri Renner (SPEA)

What is the profile of the student who is successful (grade of "C" or better) in healthcare finance and economics courses? The ultimate goal is to use this information to identify students early on who may struggle in these courses and therefore offer early intervention options, such as appropriate prerequisite courses, a SPEA "math camp", or online math "Modules" in conjunction with appropriate tutoring.

Proposal and Completion Report

Human Expertise, Analytics, & Student Learning in Multi-Section General-Education Courses at Indiana University

Jennifer Robinson, John Arthos, and Jill Robinson (Anthropology, English, Chemistry)

The HumAn Learning Project uses learning analytics to triangulate on strategies for fostering student success in multi-section, general education courses. Phase 3, proposed here, extends and further tests the premises and applications of this research by partnering faculty members who teach large, general education courses at IU.

Proposal and Completion Report

Exploring relationships Between the New Indiana Academic English Test (IAET) and External Measures

Sun-Young Shin (Second Language Studies)

The proposed study will explore the relationships between students' standardized language test scores (e.g., the TOEFL iBT and IELTS) and the IAET writing and listening scores to establish the concurrent validity and also examine the consequential validity of the test by comparing the students' GPA data across groups of students who are exempted, tested out, placed into different ELIP courses, or do not comply with placement recommendations based on test scores.

Proposal and Completion Report